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Indulge yourself with some delcious

Tandoori Chicken £3.75
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £3.75
Takezer (Barbecued breast of chicken in galic flavoured sauce)£4.25
Sheek Kebab£3.65
Shami Kebab (Mixed Lamb with ground lentils and eggs)£3.65
Mixed Platter (Selection of chicken & lamb tikka, sheek kebab, onion bhaji and salad)£5.75
Tandoori King Prawn£6.50
Garlic King Prawn£6.50
King Prawn Moni Puri (Cooked with Spice, served with a slice of pineapple on friend indian bread) £6.50
Prawn Moni Puri£4.95
King Prawn Suka (Shell om King Prawn with garlic, honey, tamarind & hint of green chillies)£6.65
Pepper Prawn (Light spiced prawn wrapped in rich paper, deep friend & served with sweet and sour sauce)£5.65
Chicken/Lamb Liver Puri (Medium spiced served with medium fried bread)£4.75
Chicken Momo (Chicken cooked with medium spices and served with deep fried bread)£4.75
Chicken Chat (Chicken cooked with medium chat masala)£3.95
Chicken/Lamb Pastry (Chicken/Lamb cooked with spices and served with Indian Bread) £4.15
Onion Bhaji£2.95
Vegetable Pastry £3.75
Aloo Chat (Aloo cooked with medium char masala) £3.65
Marchi Ponir (Fresh whole chilli stuffed with cheese ponir in bread and deep fried)£4.65
Goan Mussels (Off the shell mussels cooked in a Goan style mild sauce)£6.50
Mussells (Mussells cooked with Garlic and light creamy sauce) £5.50
Crab Claw£3.25
Crab Laziz (Crab mince cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs)£4.95
Reshmi Kebab£4.50

All our starters are made fresh daily

Curry Dishes
All curry dishes are cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs

Chicken/Lamb/Prawn Curry  £6.50
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Curry£7.50
Beef Curry£7.50
Prawn Curry£6.95
King Prawn Curry£9.25
Vegetable Curry £6.25
Chicken & Mushroom Curry£8.95

All curry dishes are cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs

Clay Oven.

Tandoori Chicken (Half) £6.75
Tandoori Chicken (Full) £10.25
Chicken/Lamb Tikka£6.95
Chicken/Lamb Shashlic£7.95
Garlic Chicken£7.25
Garlic Chilli Chicken Sizzler (Pieces of chicken marinated with garlic special sauce, cooked in clay oven then stir fried with fresh green chiili and a hint of garlic)£7.75
Tandoori Mix Grill£11.95
Tandoori King Prawn£11.95
Garlic King Prawn£12.50
King Prawn Shaslic£12.50
Salmon Shashlic (Marinated salmon barbecued on charcoal with green peppers,tomatoes & onions)£10.75
Tandoori Monk Fish (Monk fish marinated special tandoori sauce and cooked in clay oven)£11.95
Ponir Tikka (Ponir marinated special tandoori sauce and cooked in clay oven)£6.75
Ponir Shashlic£8.75
Vegetable Shashlic£7.25
Tandoori Fish Talapiya/Fangash (Indian Sub continental fish with green peppers, tomatoes & onion + salad)£11.95

All Tandoori food is cooked fresh

Madras and Vindaloo Dishes
All dishes are cooked with fairly hot spices and lots of fresh herbs. Vindaloo is also served extra hot with potatoes.

Chicken/Lamb Madras/Vindaloo  £6.75
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Madras/Vindaloo£7.75
Beef Madras/Vindaloo£7.95
Prawn Madras/Vindaloo£7.75
King Prawn Madras/Vinadaloo£9.50
Vegetable Madras/Vindaloo £6.50
Chicken & Mushroom Vindaloo£8.95

All madras and vindaloo dishes are cooked with fresh

Biryani Dishes
All Biryani dishes are cooked with basmati rice, flavoured with saffron and served with vegetables curry.

Chicken/Lamb Biryani  £9.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Biryani£10.95
Beef Biryani£10.95
Prawn Biryani£10.95
King Prawn Biryani£12.25
Vegetable Biryani £8.45
Moonlight Special Biryani£12.75
Lamb/Chicken + Mushroom Biryan£10.95

All Briyani dishes are cooked with fresh

Rogan Dishes
All Rogan dishes are cooked with glazed tomatoes, green herbs and spices.

Chicken/Lamb Rogan  £7.45
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Rogan£8.45
Beef Rogan£7.75
Prawn Rogan£7.75
King Prawn Rogan£10.50
Vegetable Rogan £6.50

All Rogan dishes are cooked with fresh

Moonlight Specialities
These are Moonlight special dishes cooked fresh daily.

Royal Lamb (Knuckle of lamb cooked with medium spices, garnished with fresh herbs hint of green chilli) £9.45
Goshy Kata Massala (Lamb cooked with medium spices, ginger, garlic, golden brown onion, green pepper and fresh herbs) £7.95
Achari Chicken/Lamb (Cooked with medium spices, ginger, some pieces of mango pickle and garnished with fresh herbs) £7.95
Jeera Chicken/Lamb/Beef (Cooked with medium spices, freshly sliced ginge and cumin) £8.25
Naga Massala Chicken/Lamb/Beef(Cooked with rich highly spiced & very hot special chilli sauce) £8.45
Bengali Chicken/Lamb/Beef (Cooked with medium spices, sliced ginger garlic to chefs recipe) £8.45
Passand Chicken/Lamb (Diced Chicken/Lamb cooked with fresh cream and cashew nuts in sauce) £7.95
Laziz Chicken/Lamb (Cooked with shallots, rosemary, medium spices & garnished with fresh herbs) £8.50
Moonlight Special Chicken/Lamb (Cooked with rosemary, spring onions, medium spices and lots of fresh herbs) £7.75
Orengina Chicken/Lamb (Cooked with medium spices and highly orange flavoured sauce & served with lots of fresh herbs) £8.25
Lamb/Chicken Delight (Cooked with mild spices in a creamy mango flavoured sauce) £8.25
Chilie Green Chicken/Lamb/Beef (Cooked with fresh green chillies & sliced ginger, garlic and lots of coriander and spring onions) £7.95
Shahi Mouglai Chicken (Chicken cooked in a mild creamy sauce and boiled eggs) £8.25
Chicken Tikka Rezalla (Chicken cooked in medium spices) £7.95
Chicken Sagorana (Spring chicken is a medium dish cooked with minced meat boiled egg in chefs own receipe) £8.45
Peshwari Chicken/Lamb (Cooked with golden brown onions, green pepper and mild spices) £7.95
Nizamee Chicken/Lamb (Cooked slighly sweet, hot and sour) £7.95
Tamarind Chicken/Lamb (Cooked with garlic, honey, tamarind and hint on green chiliy) £8.65
Butter Chicken/Lamb (Cooked in mild butter creamy sauce) £8.25
South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken/Lamb (Marinated in south indian spices, garlic & chillies) £8.95
Nawabi Chicken/Lamb (Superb eastern majectic and highly flavoured dish) £8.25
Piazee Beef (Beef cooked with shallots, medium spices and garnish with fresh herbs) £8.45
King Prawn Nizamee (King prawns cooked slightly sweet, hot and sour) £12.25
King Prawn Delight (King prawns cooked with mild spices with creamy mango flavoured sauce) £12.25
King Prawn Suka (Shell on king prawns with garlic, salt, honey, tamarind & hint of green chillies) £12.25
King Prawn Sylhet (King prawns marinated in south indian spices, garlic and chillies) £12.25
Chilli Green Duck £9.95

All dishes are cooked with fresh

Bhuna Dishes
All these bhuna dishes are cooked with medium spices - semi dry.

Chicken/Lamb Bhuna £7.45
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Bhuna£8.45
Beef Bhuna£7.65
Prawn Bhuna£7.65
King Prawn Bhuna£10.45
Vegetable Bhuna£6.50
Chicken + Mushroom Bhuna£8.95

All Bhuna dishes are cooked with fresh

Pathia Dhansak Dishes Dishes
Both Pathia and Dhansak dishes are hot, sweet, sour and served with lots of fresh herbs. Dhansak is also served with lentils.

Chicken/Lamb Pathia/Dhansak £7.45
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Pathia/Dhansak£8.50
Prawn Pathia/Dhansak£7.65
King Prawn Pathia/Dhansak£10.50
Vegetable Pathia/Dhansak£6.50

All Pathia & Dhansak dishes are cooked with fresh

Korma Dishes
All korma dishes are mild, creamy and cooked with coconut milk.

Chicken/Lamb Korma£7.50
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Korma£8.50
Prawn Korma£7.75
Vegetable Korma£6.50

All Korma dishes are cooked with fresh

Balti Dishes
All Balti dishes are cooked in our own balti sauce

Chicken/Lamb Balti£7.75
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Balti£8.95
Prawn Balti£8.25
King Prawn Balti£10.50
Vegetable Balti£6.25
Chicken/Lamb Mushroom Balti£9.95

All Balti dishes are cooked with fresh

Massala Dishes
All massala dishes diced, deboned chicken cooked with mild massala sauce and all kashmiri dishes come with fruit cocktail.

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Massala£7.75
Kashmiri Murgh Massala£8.25
Kashmiri Gosht Massala£8.25
Tandoori King Prawn Massala£11.65
Vegetable Massala£6.50

All Massala dishes are cooked with fresh

Jalfrezi Dishes
All Jalfrezi dishes are cooked with sliced ginger and green chillies - hot.

Chicken/Lamb Jalfrezi£7.50
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi£8.65
Beef Jalfrezi£7.75
Prawn Jalfrezi£7.95
King Prawn Jalfrezi£10.45
Vegetable Jalfrezi£6.50
Chicken/Lamb + Mushroom Jalfrezi£9.95
Duck Jalfrezi£8.95

All Jalfrezi dishes are cooked with fresh

Dupiaza Dishes
All dupiaza dishes are cooked medium with onions, tomatoes and a touch of capsicum.

Chicken/Lamb Dupiaza£7.50
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza£8.65
Beef Dupiaza£7.75
Prawn Dupiaza£7.95
King Prawn Dupiaza£10.50
Vegetable Dupiaza£6.45

All Dupiaza dishes are cooked with fresh

Karai Dishes
All karai dishes are cooked in an iron skillet with green peppers and onions in a medium thick sauce.

Chicken/Lamb Karai£7.45
Chicken Tikka Karai£8.45
Beef Karai£7.65
Prawn Karai£7.65
King Prawn Karai£10.45
Vegetable Karai£6.50

All Karai dishes are cooked with fresh

Palak Dishes
All palak dishes are cooked with medium spices, spinach and lots of fresh herbs.

Chicken/Lamb Palak£7.50
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Palak£8.45
Prawn Palak£7.85
King Prawn Palak£10.50
Vegetable Palak£6.50

All Palak dishes are cooked with fresh

Fresh Vegetables Side Dishes
Indulge yourself with Fresh Vegetables Side Dishes.

Mixed Vegetables (Curry mixed vegetables cooked in spices)£3.95
Garlic Mushroom (Cooked with onion and garlic)£3.95
Bombay Aloo (Spicy potatoes and fresh herbs)£3.95
Sag Aloo (Spinach and potatoes)£3.95
Aloo Gobi (Potatoes and cauliflower)£3.95
Mushroom Bhaji (Mushrooms cooked in special recipe)£3.95
Cauliflower Bhaji (Cauliflower cooked in special recipe)£3.95
Courgetti Bhaji (Courgetti cooked with medium garlic and fresh herbs)£3.95
Broccolli Bhaji (Broccolli cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs)£3.95
Bindi Bhaji (Okra cooked with onions and spices to your taste) £3.95
Brinjol Bhaji (Sliced aubergines cooked in a special recipe)£3.95
Sag Bhaji (Spinach cooked with onions and spices to your taste)£3.95
Chana Bhaji (Spiced chick peas cooked in a special recipe)£3.95
Sag Dall (Spinach and lentils)£3.95
Dall Massala (Dall cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs)£3.95
Tarka Dall (Sliced lentils cooked in a special recipe)£3.95
Sag Panir (Spinach cooked with catties cheese)£3.95
Motor Panir (Peas cooked with catties cheese)£3.95
Aloo Motor (Peas and potatoes cooked with medium spices and fresh herbs)£3.95
Aloo Bhaji (Sliced/cubed potatoes with herbs and fried onions)£3.95
Aloo Nagha Special (Spiced potatoes with Nagha paste & herbs)£4.25
Sag + Bindi Bhaji £4.25

All our vegeyables  are made fresh daily

Indulge yourself with some Sundries.

Pilau Rice£2.75
Plain Rice£2.65
Fried Rice (with sliced onions) £3.15
Special Fried Rice (Peas, eggs and almonds with freshly sliced onions)£3.95
Mushroom Fried Rice£3.95
Egg Fried Rice£3.85
Lemon Fried Rice£3.85
Keema Fried Rice£4.25
Chicken Fried Rice £4.25
Vegetable Fried Rice£3.65
Plain Nan£2.45
Garlic Nan (Stuffed with garlic)£2.75
Peshwari Nan (With nuts and sultanas)£2.75
Keema Nan (Stuffed with mince meat)£2.75
Kulcha Nan (Stuffed with vegetables)£2.75
Cheese & Garlic Nan £2.95
Balti Nan£2.75
Cheese & Chilli Nan £2.95
Cheese & Onion Nan £2.95
Cheese Nan£2.95
Cheese Onion & Balti Nan£2.95
Cheese & Balti£2.95
Plain Paratha (Unlevened bread fried in butter)£2.95
Stuffed Paratha (Stuffed with vegetables)£2.95
Chapathi (Unlevened thin bread)£2.15
Plain/Spicy Papadom£0.70
Chutney and Pickles (Mango Chutni, Mint Sauce, Onion Salads, Tamarind Sauce, Corianda and Sweet Chilli Sauce)£0.70
Raitha (Cucumber & Onions)£1.85

All our Sundries are made fresh daily

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